Case Study: Zero 9 Constructions

Zero-ing in on a Digital Safety Solution for Growth

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Zero 9 specialises in commercial fit out and residential design and construct. They are originally a family company established in Australia’s Queensland region in 2012.

Seeking a Digital Solution for Safety

Zero 9 didn’t quite take the typical journey to digital workflows. Recognising a need for digitisation, the company has focussed on safety as their priority. In early 2022, Project Leader Emma Fisher and the team began scouting for a digital solution that could serve them as a source of truth. They found a company local to Brisbane with a similar capacity to what they needed, but it ”didn’t have the same capability as 1Breadcrumb, so we signed onto the latter in March”.

There were slight concerns early on that 1Breadcrumb, as a standalone platform, would not be able to provide everything Zero 9 required. But the team soon realised just how powerful the system was.

Results Using 1Breadcrumb

“Setting up a project used to take us one-to-two hours, but with 1Breadcrumb, it takes 15 minutes. The on-site induction process used to take 20 minutes; now, it’s four minutes on their phone, and that’s just doing the initial site check-in. The next time they go on site, they scan a QR code with their phone, and they’re done.” She says her team has “loved it – we’ve had nothing but compliments because it’s so easy and simple to use”.

Emma says: “1Breadcrumb makes safety workflows pretty foolproof and ensures that everything safety-related has been completed on site. Without signing off to say that they’ve read each necessary document, it doesn’t let workers go much further. That’s great reassurance that workers have agreed to all site rules and are signing off on SWMS.”

“We pride ourselves on being an innovative, resilient, adept builder, and it is systems like 1Breadcrumb that help us achieve this status.”

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