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1Breadcrumb’s latest case study is now available: Click Here to Read

In an insightful conversation with UK construction customer, QOB Interiors, we delved into the intricacies of their adoption of Procore and 1Breadcrumb, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how these integrated construction systems have revolutionised their approach to quality and safety management.

Through open dialogue with key stakeholders, including Construction Manager Sam Beadle and Business Development Manager Andy Simmonds, we explored the challenges QOB Interiors faced with traditional paper-based systems and Microsoft Office programs. By engaging in candid discussions, we unearthed the motivations behind their shift towards a digital structure and the subsequent benefits they have experienced.

The results are compelling, with an 85% faster induction process, a threefold enhancement in overall quality and safety, and a remarkable 90% reduction in the snagging process timeline. This holistic digital transformation not only streamlined administrative processes but positioned QOB Interiors as a more competitive candidate for larger tenders.

This firsthand account allowed us to uncover the nuanced ways in which Procore and 1Breadcrumb have streamlined their administrative processes, expedited induction procedures, improved RAMS management, and transformed the once laborious snagging process. The interview provided valuable insights into the tangible impact of these digital tools on project outcomes, client satisfaction, and QOB’s overall success in the competitive construction industry.

The case study looks at the challenges of paper-based and outdated digital systems in construction, and how 1Breadcrumb and Procore combat these challenges together. It specifically describes how the construction software revolutionise inductions, RAMS and snagging on site, as well as the overall success and streamlined processes.

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