Our Story

1Breadcrumb was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2020 to automate safety and compliance related processes.

1Breadcrumb’s goal was to increase compliance efficiency whilst ensuring everyone went home safe.

With a background in construction and an understanding of industry problems, the team began working with construction companies to develop the platform.

It has further grown to become one of the leading safety and compliance solutions for builders globally.

What We Do

1Breadcrumb is a digital platform where Head Contractors, subcontractors and tradespeople meet to simplify contractor onboarding and automate real-time data from site. The 1Breadcrumb platform is a mobile app and web portal designed for construction companies to streamline and automate site safety workflows. It is an intuitive and comprehensive solution that digitises compliance administration in all construction works.

This mobile-first solution enables the communication of critical site documentation, live statistics and records between everyone on every project. Rather than just digitising existing paper documents, we simplify safety workflows, allowing head contractors to customise interactions with subcontractors and streamline the process of collecting and storing safety and compliance documentation with consideration for local legislation.

Our commitment to our clients is to fully support their construction tech stack through open API’s and integration opportunities. We want to support the client’s source of truth and remove the need for the user to engage with multiple applications.

Where We Work

1Breadcrumb operates on a global scale, in countries including:

  • Australia
  • England
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam

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