1Breadcrumb Featured in DevelopmentReady Article on Technology Adoption in Construction Management

We’re excited to share that 1Breadcrumb has been prominently featured in a recent article by DevelopmentReady, exploring the increasing adoption of technology in construction management.

The article delves into how owner-developers are navigating the challenges of the construction industry by embracing innovative solutions to drive profitability and productivity. With rising pressures on costs, margins, productivity, and payments, developers are seeking efficient ways to optimise their processes.

Highlighted in the article is the shift towards construction management platforms that offer enhanced visibility across projects. Owner-developers are prioritising platforms that allow them to own their data, standardise project delivery, improve safety measures, and mitigate financial risks.

The article spotlights JWLand as a prime example of this trend. As a significant player operating both as head contractor and developer nationally, JWLand manages over 500 construction sites across Australia and New Zealand. They have embraced platforms like 1Breadcrumb and Procore to streamline safety documentation and provide real-time visibility for site workers, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.

To read the full article and learn more about the impact of technology adoption in construction management, visit DevelopmentReady.

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